Friday, January 28, 2011

The Clot - Revisited

I had posted 10 posts, which means I had learned or relearned the meaning of about 10 short Surahs of the Qur'an or part of 10 of my 'picking and choosing'.  Little verses that make up not even a tip of the Qur'an, yet the understanding overwhelms me I couldn't get away from it.  And one part of the understanding takes over my life and I couldn't move pass it unless I proclaim it.

What have I learned, that as I cook I will think about it, that as I drive I will think about it, that as I talk to my children, text my friend, think of my late husband, do groceries, read blog posts, visit my parents, plan a trip, play with my baby nephew, the understanding and the verses will come to me.

I learned that I was just a clot, 45 years, one month, maybe 15 days, ago.  I was a clinging clot of congealed blood, clinging for life, deep in the dark of my mother's womb.

I didn't know how to write, I didn't know how to read.  I didn't know anything.

Today, today I am beyond all bounds.  Today I imagine I am self-sufficient.  Today I have articulated thoughts and speech.  Today the sun and the moon run their appointed courses, my life has balance.  The stars and the trees  give me added joy.

Today, by His will, I am grateful that I am able to express my gratefulness to Him, my Creator.  The Shaper Of Beauty.  Today I am grateful I am able to be grateful to Him for my past.  Today I am grateful I am able to pray to Him  for my future.

Today, by His will, I proclaim, in the name of my Lord and Cherisher, Who created, created me, out of a clot of congealed blood, proclaim, my Lord is Most Bountiful, He Who taught me the use of the Pen, taught me which I knew not.  Today, by His will I bow down in adoration, and bring myself closer to Him.  InsyaaAllah, MasyaaAllah.


  1. Vegetables in my little garden has shorter life span, definitely never go beyond 45 years... To go through 45 years, it will take them 90 generations, assuming a veggie lives for 6 months. They continue through different clots... Prophet Noah brought along seeds as he was preparing for the voyage to the unknown.... ~bangchik

  2. I wonder if the vegetables in your garden are more humble and more grateful to what they have been bestowed upon than us humans.

  3. Life is a cycle :) You have the chance to experience it more than once.

  4. I think I see whatcha sayin' babYpose, that we could have a chance at second chances.

  5. Assalamualaikum. Returning your visit and was surprised to see your blog. Yes, in whatever we do, we must NEVER forget His existence and somehow, I think that by reading your posts, it has showed that I am sometimes forgetful and that I should get back right on track. Thank you for creating such a beautiful blog. Expect me more..

  6. Waalaikumsalam Adik Rosfida;) Thank you for your kind comment, it means a lot to me. InsyaaAllah I will write more..

  7. It's a wonderful feeling to have epiphanies like yours, especially as you settle down in your comfortable seat for the next stage of your journey through life.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Do take a sip with Bismillah...burp with Alhamdulillah. Fresh & Joyous after reading your post. Thanks.

  9. Aslmkm Aishah.
    Yeah, dat must be so true. Im ever so very grateful too.
    Allah SWT has given HIS assurance; HIS blessings are aplenty.
    Just start counting HIS blessings that go beyond infinity. We will be just fine!

  10. Assalamualaikum,

    I came here from the Meor Factor. I would like your permission to link your blog to mine. Your posting on the surahs interest me, I'm hoping to be a better person, insyaAllah.

  11. It is a wonder in the world of medical science how Quran described the 'clot' process in such a great detail well before any human undrstanding - but the many would not want to admit this miracle and many others found in our Great Book.

  12. Sometimes it feels like I'm still in the blastocyst stage.

  13. Thanks for dropping by at my blog and left me a comment. I appreciate it so much.

  14. Thank you all for your kind comments and waalaikumsalam. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments. I appreciate it.

    Cuban, thank you. You always know the right thing to say.

    Fusion Tea, you are so good with words. It must be what's in the tea;)

    Dr Fauziah, thank you. Sometimes we tend to count the not so good more than the times we count the good.

    i amsterdam, we all try to be better and to improve.

    Al-Manar, I become more amazed when I revisit the great details.

    Jeanne, you leave your funny bone again!

    TK, you are most welcome and hopefully we would visit each other again.

  15. Thank you for your kind comments. My blog is only an amazed, obsessed writings of a mother.. nothing more. But if you wish, you are very much welcome to link it :D