Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Believers

An Ustaz (teacher) once asked me, if I were to ask you if you are a Muslim (one who surrenders to God), what would your answer be?

I said, yes.

Then he asked me, if I were to ask you if you are a Mukmin (a Believer), what would your answer be?

In my mind I thought of, of course yes, but I did not answer him, I looked at him expecting the proper answer.

He said, when asked if you are a Mukmin, say, yes insyaaAllah (yes God willing).

And so who are the Believers.  I found an answer in Surah Al-Mukminun (The Believers), verses 23:1-11.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Believers must eventually win through
Those who humble themselves in their prayer
Who avoid vain talk
Who are active in deeds of charity
Who abstain from sex
Except from their wives or those their right hands posses, for indeed, they will not be blamed
But whoever seeks beyond that, they are transgressors
Those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants
And who strictly guard their Prayers
These will be the heirs
Who will inherit Paradise, they will dwell there in.


  1. An excellent intro...
    Intriguing picture..
    Would not the one who surrender to Allah be much different to the believer

  2. Assalamualaikum Wan Sharif, there is much difference, proof is in the action.

  3. What a beautiful photograph and a thought provoking post.

  4. Assalamualaikum Aishah, good reminder..insyaAllah will strive to be a better mukmin

  5. This is a wonderful post. Lovely.

  6. May we be guided by The Holy Book at all times. Amin.

  7. Hi KotaStar, very interesting. I enjoyed reading thru......
    Always good to know.
    You have a nice day, stay young, and watch the speed limit, ha ha.

  8. Beautiful verses.Of course they will be as they are from the Holy Quran. Thanks for sharing. Growing up in India our pronounciation is a little different. I am sixty years old and still read Arabic like a parrot, but I do read translations both in English and in Urdu, my mother tongue.

  9. Thank you all.

    Amin Grandpa. And Uncle Lee, you have passed Kota Star. Don't drive too fast ;)

    Hello Munir, welcome to the Journey. It is always nice to hear your voice.

  10. Aunty Aishah....thanks for the reminder. purrr....meow!

  11. What a profoundly spiritual entry :)

  12. The reminds me a bit of the Beatitudes ("...blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth....")

    I wish more Americans would read your blog.

  13. well, i'm glad i changed my wayward ways a few years ago:)

  14. Thank you for your kind comments and sharing. I hope to visit you at your blogs.

  15. Aslmkm.
    Lately, I have not able to visit fellow bloggers beyond those who left their comments at my site because of time constrain. Hope U understand.
    This is one of the Surah that describes the attributes of the Believers. It also reveals the best of rewards to the Believers in Akhirat - all the wonders of Paradise, the best of which is the Al Firdausi.
    May we be among these Believers. Ameen.

    PS: Aduh! Tertekan pula delete.

  16. Greatings Aishah,
    Thank you for stopping by. Your post about the Holy Quran is beautiful. Although I must have read the whole book several times, I am not able to understand it. I do refer to the translation all the time. It is very soothing.
    Ramona Quimby is a charecter in the books written by Beverly Cleary. These are neat, clean and fun books for kids to read. Adults can enjoy them as much.
    I am not informed enough to be able to attempt to write about the Holy Quran, therefore I did not dare. I am not so sure that I will ever be. It is a great book. I mean it is devine. I will have to take it little at a time.

  17. Greetings Munir, I hope to learn the meaning of the Qur'an together, little by little.

  18. Hello Aishah. Thank you for visiting Roma with me. I hope you can drop by again.

    This is a beautiful post.


  19. Hi. I am visiting your blog because I saw your nice comment about my poem posted on Theanne's blog.
    It made me very happy to know that a poem wrote by me was read by a mother to her children.
    I like your blog because I can know about Muslim. I live in Brazil and do not know any Muslim.
    Greatings from Brazil

  20. Hey Aishah, Guess what, I'm back for now. I've missed your lovely blog and would just like to let you know that yours was one of the first that I visited on getting back on line. Hopefully I will be able to post regularly from now on, God willing. Nice post by the way and may my God bless you today. Geoff.

  21. Nice blog.
    Greetings from Spain.

  22. Once again....beautiful post, Aishah!