Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The House Of Imran

The sky is dark, the wind is blowing hard, thunders have started, it will rain soon.  It is 5.40 pm, it is time to cook for break of fast, but I want to write, at this blog.  I feel I had abandoned it.

The bamboo leaves rustle noisily. It is raining, pouring water from the sky. A thunder just boomed, indicating a lightning struck close. My son just walked in and announced he had turned off the modem. I will turn to 3G on my iphone.

I know the Qur'an mentions when lightning displays, it gives rise to both fear and hope. Should I look up that verse?  I have lost my 3G, maybe lightning has struck the tower.

I pick up Asad's Message of the Qur'an, a translation, and the third surah is Al'Imran,  The House of Imran.  Let me read Asad's introduction of the surah.

The title the House of Imran has been derived from references in verses 33 and 35, to this common origin of a long line of prophets.  The House of Imran comprises of Moses and Aaron, whose father was Imran (the Amram of the Bible), and Aaron's descendants, the priestly caste among the Israelites, thus includes Zachariah, John the Baptist, Mary and Jesus.

The surah first 6 verses reads,

(1) Alif. Lam. Mim. (the letters A, L, M)
(2) God.  There is no god but Him, the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsistent Fount of All Being.
(3) Step by step has He bestowed upon thee from on high this divine writ, setting forth the truth which confirms earlier revelations: for it is He who has bestowed from on high the Law (of Moses) and the Gospel (of Jesus) aforetime, as a guidance unto mankind, and it is He who has bestowed (upon man) the criterion (of judgement between right and wrong).
(4) Behold as for those who are bent on denying God's messages - grievous suffering awaits them, for God is Almighty, Lord of Retribution.
(5) Verily nothing on earth or in heavens is hidden from God.
(6) He it is who shapes you in the wombs as He wills.  There is no god but Him, the Exalted in Might, the Truly Wise.

And what is verse 33,

(33) Behold God raised Adam, and Noah, and the house of Abraham, and the house of Imran above all mankind, -


  1. Aunty Aishah,
    Long time no see. Ramadan Mubarak and soon it will be Eid Mubarak. Welcome back to blogosphere. purrrrr *giggles*

  2. I have missed your posts, always greatly enjoyable and informative.

  3. An insightful posting..thanks so much!

  4. It was interesting to read about lightning "giving rise to both fear and hope." I hear of people having fear of lightning but not hope. I love to see lightning and hear thunder. I have learned something. Thank you for your visits to my blog.

  5. You always have such lovely pictures. I'm glad you have returned to posting/blogging! Yay

  6. Hello Aishah, love your stylish eloquence. Outstanding.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  7. Aslmkm Aishah.
    Hmmm, it seemed like quite a long while ago since our last cyber communication.
    May U always be blessed.
    True to an extend. But we must read the verse not only in its entirety, and we must understand the Holy message i.e.:
    'Truly, Allah has chosen Prophet Adam and Noh, the family of Ibrahim and the family of 'Imran above all others (of their respective epochs).

  8. Salam Ramadhan al-mubarak Aishah. Good to see your blog comes to life again with some blissful thought as usual.

  9. Ass-Salam dear Aishah
    looking forward to more of good posting...
    as always.

    take care

  10. Salam Aishah,

    It has been a while. Nice to read you again here. Oh what a coincidence! I have just finished reading Surah Ali-Imran's translation after reciting the first six juzuk(s).

  11. AsSalaam Alaikum Aisha.
    Thanks for checking my welfare. The fact is Alhamdulillah we have the Grace of Allah in our home. However, I have been worried because my husband's Blood Preasure keeps going up. Our doctor worries for him too. For some reason after retirement my husband does not seem to have motivation to take care of himself. I have been helping him in taking care of himself.
    I love your posts. They bring peace of mind to me. I am reciting the Quran in Arabic, which I do not understand. They say that reading the Quran brings solace to mind. Inshallah his BP will be down and we will just have to maintain it.
    I hope you and your family members are all in good health.

  12. What does AsSalaam Alaikum mean? It sounds extremely pretty.

  13. Wanted to comment earlier.. could not do it at the office.. firewall?!
    Always find your post blissfully deep ;))
    note that you have not finish your search on that lighting thinghy.. :)

  14. as salam aleikum siste Aisha.
    To Michael Offutt, Salam Aleikum means, may peace be upon you.

    Ramadan Mubarak to you too. May Allah hear our prayer in this blessed month.

    Surat Al-Imran is very beautiful. I always had a fascination for this surat and surat luqman. I look forward to reading both during the last few days of Ramadan

  15. Assalamualaikum Aishah,

    Praying that all is well with you and family.


  16. Yes, I'm glad you're posting again too. I'd forgotten I followed you! Thanks for visiting my travel blog and commenting on my Morocco photos. I'm adding more now so they'll be up in an hour or so if you want to visit.